Software Engineering

I am a seasoned Software Engineer and Architect, specializing in the development of smart Linux solutions at the Edge. My background in data processing and software engineering has enabled me to consistently deliver innovative solutions, demonstrating proficiency in designing, developing, and optimizing software systems.

My experience encompasses crafting high-performance cloud-native applications, capable of handling millions of messages per second, as well as leading the development of edge software applications for IoT systems. Throughout my career, I have been a driving force in achieving technical excellence, adeptly managing resources, and aligning projects with precise business objectives. Armed with a solid foundation in Linux and Python, I possess a diverse skill set that includes technologies such as Docker, MQTT, Kubernetes, and more.

My professional journey has taken me across international borders, including Germany, France, and Colombia, where I have mastered a wide range of technologies. I hold advanced degrees in Systems and Computing Engineering and boast several industry certifications, underlining my unwavering commitment to continuous learning and professional growth.

#Linux #Performance #Python #Cpp #DistributedSystems

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