Current Projects

HiveMQ Tools and Extensions


Design, develop, and implement the new version of the Kubernetes Operator to support the deployment of the HiveMQ platform.

  • Enhance the adoption of optimal practices for creating, orchestrating, and using Linux containers.
  • Streamline the deployment and release workflow for cloud-native components.
  • Devise and strategize approaches for augmenting product quality in the development lifecycle.

Technology stack: MQTT, Dockers, Java, Java Operator SDK, Quarkus, Kubernetes.

Keywords: #CloudNative #IoT #Linux.

Earlier Projects


Led the creation of edge software applications for numerous IoT systems spanning global deployment.

  • Tailored the utilization of Linux containers for ARM and Intel Cisco devices, enabling Edge deployment of services for IoT client device communication and configuration.
  • Enhanced build pipelines using Docker and Linux-based bash scripting.
  • Conducted hardware and software benchmarking to optimize hardware System-on-Chips (SoCs) utilization.
  • Led the migration of Cisco platform versions for the fleet of devices with zero-downtime.

Technology stack: Ubuntu Linux, Python, Docker, MQTT, Cisco Kinetic.

Keywords: #EdgeComputing #MQTT #SoftwareEngineering.

Emat Flowmeter Middleware

Lingen, Germany

Research and development of specialized efficient applications at the edge to be deployed in tough environments.

  • Design and implement an edge analysis platform.
  • Benchmark hardware system for power, health, and performance on the field.
  • Provide a robust solution for data transfer of a worldwide distributed system for oil and gas applications.

Technology stack: Linux, Docker, Python, Azure IoT, Intel VTune, and Yocto.

Keywords: #HighPerformance #EmbeddedLinuxSoftware #Cloud.


Lingen, Germany

Driving design and product discovery of different data processing platforms on Python, C++, and C#, SQL database servers, and Esri Technologies included Geospatial data.

  • Design, prototype, and implement a reliable and scalable pipe data analysis platform deployed around the world, including performance computing components.
  • Lead architect for the project, designing and conducting technical debt analysis.
  • Prototype development for technical decisions.
  • Performance analysis for software developed.

Technology stack: Windows, Linux, Docker, Apache Mesos, Intel VTune, C#, C++, MS-SQL, Esri platform, Python.

Keywords: #GeospatialAnalysis #HighPerformance #Cloud.

Tekio Self-adaptive Middleware

Sophia Antipolis, France

A self-adaptive middleware platform to dynamically compose legacy software behavior of Computer Vision Algorithms.

  • Developed as a master thesis with the highest grade achieved (5.0).
  • Published on ARM ‘11: Adaptive and Reflective Middleware in Proceedings of the International Workshop.
  • Design and implement the self-adaptive layer and validate its negligible effects on the performance of the system.

Technology stack: Eclipse, Linux, OpenCV, Java, C++, OSGi, Visual VM.

Keywords: #ComputerVision #SoftwareArchitecture #Performance.


Medellin, Colombia

Car-sharing platform software development.

  • Developed prototypes of native mobile apps for Android and iOS for a taxi app with a JEE backend.
  • Assembled and led an international software team for the product development of the car-sharing app of Mi Aguila.

Technology stack: Java EE, PostgreSQL, Linux, AWS, iOS, Android, VisualVM, XCode, Hyperic Sigar.

Keywords: #GeospatialAnalysis #Navigation.

Performance Analysis

Bogota, Colombia

Performance analysis of different cloud platforms.

  • NIMA and Processing platform for signal analysis.
  • Sonria Web Application.
  • TCC deliveries Web Application.
  • Model-driven Simulation Games Development for the Software development team at Uniandes.

Technology stack: Java EE, PostgreSQL, Linux, AWS, VisualVM, Eclipse, Hyperic Sigar.

Keywords: #Performance #Reporting #EnterpriseApplications.

Mobile app of the Metro de Medellin

Medellin, Colombia

Led a rapid development of the metro app, including the route planner.

Technology stack: Android, iOS, Eclipse, XCode.

Keywords: #MobileApps #Navigation.